Too good to throw away? The stuff we have isn't always right for us, but will be perfect for others! Find goods local to you with Loopeto .....

Rent, Free, Sell


Welcome to the Sharing Economy!

Have you ever thought about how much stuff we own, but only use a few times a year?! Such as a roofbox, pressure washer, trailer, camping gear, lawnmower, surfboard, paddle board, kayak, kids bike trailer, long reach ladder and anything else we use infrequently.

Loopeto members can rent their own items to & from other members, earning money, saving money and doing your bit for the environment!


FREE School Uniform, Football Boots & Lots More

You're child's old football boots? They're another child's new boots. Old school uniform? That's another child's new school uniform. You're old karate kit, hockey stick, tennis racket, musical instrument, pram, bookshelf, bed, fridge, lamp, desk, bike, trampoline........ whatever it is, other's might need it!

Loopeto members can make items available for free and also access freebies themselves.



Loopeto members sell anything they own or have permission to sell.

Or you can grab yourself a bargain!